Virtual Machine

Because of changes in current Operating Softwares ( ie. Windows ), most ESM-JMC Softwares provided on this site may not work on your computer. For this reason, a "Virtual Machine" is necessary to use those softwares.

The "Virtual Machine" uses the software Oracle VM Box (User manual), the Portable Virtual box (Website) and Microsoft Windows 95 (Website) to emulate the softwares on newer computers.

The "Virtual Machine" is packaged in a convenient, ready to install file, with all the ESM-JMC softwares already installed.

The "Virtual Machine" is provided "as-is", with no implied warranty or support. It may be necessary to obtain a Windows 95 licence in order to legally enjoy the benefits of the "Virtual Machine". It may not be compatible with your computer and you may receive support from the companies making the softwares used in this package (Microsoft, Oracle, Runar Buvik on Github)

It is also possible for a skilled user to run the "Virtual Machine" on an operating system other than Windows (ie MacOS, Linux, etc.)

Note that when you use the virtual machine, your mouse and keyboard will be locked inside the window. Use the left window key (ΓΏ) to exit.




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